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Fleshlight ICE is a series of transparent pleasure-toys. They are very similar to those from the original series, especially in terms of orifices, and what’s clearly different about them is their color.

Fleshlight Ice Series

The inner texture, which was designed specifically for these toys, is called Crystal. Basically, it’s a combination of several chambers of different sizes and textures of their own. So the range of stimulation experience with this model is diverse. ICE is available in such versions as Lady, Butt and Mouth.

Let’s Get to Know It

Basically this toy consists of two parts: the case and the sleeve itself. The whole thing looks really huge, the case is around 27 cm (which is approximately 9 or 10 inches), so it definitely won’t be small for you. At first you may think that this one seems even too big and not so convenient in usage. You may be sure that’s not true.

A Couple of Facts about the Sleeve

This Crystal texture looks so good, the transparency makes this toy more attractive. Another thing is that it feels just awesome. The guys who checked it out even say it’s addictive.

Fleshlight Ice

As it was mentioned before, the sleeve is quite long. Actually, its size gives a few perks. It’s more fun that way. When you warm ICE before using it, it gets a bit foggy. It happens because of the difference in temperatures. This little effect goes away in a couple of minutes but it’s still kind of cool.

The texture feels just unbelievable. If you want to make it even better just add some lube. Touching it this way will give you an amazing feeling. The bottom of the sleeve has the word “ICE” on it.

Ice Texture

It should be mentioned that at first the inner texture may feel sort of sticky. Some guys like it, others don’t. The thing is to get rid of the sticky effect, you just need to warm and lube it generously.

Preparing for Having Fun

  • First, just find a bowl or anything else you can use to pour enough water inside.
  • Then you need to fill it with hot water.
  • The next step is to get your sleeve inside and wait for approximately five minutes. Undoubtedly, it can be hard to pull yourself together and patiently wait for a couple of minutes. But do. It’s worth it.
  • Pick it up and put it into the case.
  • Now you may add the lube. You’ll have to pour some lube not only on the labia but also inside the sleeve. And don’t forget about your penis.

Let´s Talk about How It Feels

Basically, the first thing you feel is the warmth. That’s exactly why you should never skip the step where you put your toy into hot water. And the next moment you discover how breathtaking this penetration is. The inside texture is so amazing. It was designed to provide extremely intense pleasure. A few guys who used it immediately felt covered in goose bumps.

Ribs and bumps of different size and density allow you to get diverse sensations. It’s cool that during the process of penetration the feeling you experience changes. Bumps, ribs, tightness, massaging.

The canal gets tighter to the bottom. This is where the stimulation gets really intense. No doubt, they made it to give you powerful pleasures.

The Suction Cap

Some people believe that such a thing cannot make a difference. Could they be more wrong? It seems rather small and not very important. But it has a great influence on how the toy feels on your penis.

To make it tighter you’ll have to rotate it a little bit. The incredible thing is that it’s really like your penis is being sucked. This way you can get it intense. Though some guys prefer milder pleasure. If you’re one of those who’d opt for a smooth and tender penetration just loosen it. It’s all up to you. You can make it give exactly the type of satisfaction you want, choose what’s best for you. And that’s just awesome!

Fleshlight Ice Suction Cap

You need to know that when you tighten the suction cap, the toy gets kind of noisy. If you’re not alone, opt for the loosened mode, it’s way quieter.

One of the best things about this toy is that the way it looks actually fuels the way it feels. You know ICE is about transparency. And you literary see yourself inside. The penis always looks a bit bigger inside the Fleshlight. Let’s be honest, most of us have wished it to be bigger. It’s nice to have an opportunity to see what that might look like.

The Washing Process

Nobody likes washing their toys after having fun with them. Of course, these steps are always boring and seem very time-consuming. But it’s just something you have to do.

Sometimes it even stops some guys from buying the toys. Though, come on, the washing part is not that bad. And it definitely is not enough reason to deny yourself dozens or even hundreds of fine pleasures. That’s good news Fleshlight’s made its best effort to make this step as easy as it can possibly be.

Let’s take a closer look on the steps of the washing.

  • First, you’ll need to hold the sleeve under water. Make sure it runs inside to the very bottom of it.
  • Then wash the end cap, that’s exactly where your semen will be.
  • Get done with the case. And that’s it.
  • Now the only thing you have to do is let it dry properly.

A small tip for you and you´ll better remember this one. Avoid using any soap on ICE. It’s the same about baby powder. Such things cause the loss of toy’s transparency. Those who prefer a more intense type of washing may purchase Fleshwash. You’ll be surprised how cheap it is. And it’ll take you a long time to finish it.

A Few Tips for You to Get the Best from Your Fleshlight

Here you have some advice on how to make the most out of this toy. Be reasonable with the amount of lube. Being really generous feels great, but you need to know it may get messy. Make sure everything will be OK in case some of it leaks.

The next advice is to be open to experiments. First of all, you can rotate it or you can change angle. This gives you new experience. Another thing you can experiment with is positions. Try different ones, choose the one that works best for you. A nice idea is to use a pillow. Put the toy at the edge of your bed, cover it with a pillow. And just thrust. Over and over. Moving your hips you make the whole process way more realistic and exiting.

It’s better to you a water-based lube. Preferably, the one that was designed specifically for this toy, the Fleshlube. Make sure you’ve got a towel at hand. Just in case. This way, after you apply the lube on your penis, you´ll be able to have your hand dry and ready to grab the toy.

The Bottom Line

So, Fleshlight Ice. What’s it about? Basically, it’s about transparency and making you experience intense stimulation.

The perks are:

  • you can actually see your penis inside;
  • you have three versions of the model;
  • the inner texture is awesome;
  • the sleeve’s big, you’ll have no trouble to fit in.

Among the downsides, the only ones are that:

  • it may feel sticky at first;
  • drying takes a long time.