#NotOneDime List of Racial Justice Demands for Corporations

Urban Cusp in partnership with Hands Up United and Live Free has drafted a #NotOneDime list of racial justice demands for U.S. corporations. We have also included a list of specific companies to actively boycott on an ongoing basis and stage direct action against due to their ties with the prison industrial complex.

1. Meet with racial justice community organizers that are leading the #NotOneDime campaign to assess the company’s current practices and racial justice commitments in hopes of developing better modes of operation.

2. Divest from the private prison industry and reinvest a percentage of earnings and profit in supporting organizations that are doing racial justice work.

3. Host annual training sessions led by community-based racial justice activists for employees and executives on issues of implicit bias, racial stereotypes and the role of security guards and police officers.

4. Develop and release an annual corporate racial justice report disclosing any/all prison and law enforcement related investments, percentage breakdowns of employee wages and promotions, hiring practices related to minorities, racial makeup of executive leadership, healthcare access provided by the company and employee turnover.

5. Hire 25-40% local residents and returning citizens to ensure a fair racial representation of the local community and a commitment to “banning the box” in the company’s hiring practices.

6. Invest in local community development through public education initiatives such as community recruitment of educators, STEM programming, work readiness/vocational training, recreation and athletics, and learning environment beautification and enhancement.

7. Create economic incubators in urban communities that educate on financial literacy, offer support to minority entrepreneurs, and fund local Black and Brown-owned small businesses.

Some specific companies to actively boycott and stage direct action against due to their ties with the prison industrial complex and/or inhumane labor practices. This is by no means an exhaustive list but rather a “work in progress.”

American Airlines — Use inmates to take reservations.
Avis Car Rental — Use inmates to take reservations.
Corizon Health — Largest for-profit correctional health care company in the country.
Fidelity Investments — Funds the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).
JCPenny — Sells jeans made by inmates in Tennessee prisons.
K-Mart — Sells jeans made by inmates in Tennessee prisons.
McDonalds — Uses inmates to produce frozen foods
Nike — Use of overseas child labor.
Sprint — Inmates provide telecommunication services.
Starbucks — Uses inmates to cut costs.
Verizon — Inmates provide telecommunication services.
Victoria’s Secret — Uses inmates to cut production costs.
Walmart — Uses inmates for manufacturing purposes; “anti-union apparatus and actions.”
Wells Fargo — Holds shares in GEO Group.
Wendy’s – Relied on prison labor to reduce its cost of operations.
Whole Foods – Purchases food from two private vendors that use cheap prison labor.

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